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Our comprehensive and best car detailing services in Calgary include professional treatments such as paint correctionsWax & ShinePaint Protection, and Windshield Repair.

Auto Detailing Calgary offers a full range of detailing and paint correction packages that meet the needs of our customers – and we do this with top quality and professionalism. We are 15 minutes from Airdrie, just a block away from Deer foot Trail and Country Hills Blvd. in the NE & NW Quadrant of Calgary.

**Please remove all personal belongings from the vehicle before bringing it in for your appointment**

Top Notch Express Detailing

  • Car $109.95
  • Truck and SUV $129.95
  • Van and Full Size SUV $149.95
  • Exterior wash
  • Power wash wheels
  • Vacuum interior and trunk
  • Interior plastic & vinyl wipe down
  • Windows clean
  • Door frames wipe down
  • Air vents blown out
  • Deodorize & dash protectant

Complete Interior Detailing

  • Car $199.95
  • Truck and SUV $219.95
  • Van and Full Size SUV $239.95
  • Top notch express plus interior floor carpet shampoo
  • Seat Shampoo
  • Leather clean & condition
  • Centre storage & glove box clean
  • Steam clean interior vinyl plus condition all surfaces
  • Rims clean & Tire shine

Overdrive Complete Detailing

  • Car - $599.95
  • Truck and SUV $649.95
  • Van, Full Size SUV $699.95
  • Complete interior detail
  • Clay bar exterior
  • Single stage polish
  • Plus shine & protect exterior
  • Shine and Protect
  • (Optional upgrades: 2 stage polish $120-180, 3 stage polish $180-$220)
Make Your Car Like New with Paint Correction

Make Your Car Like New with Paint Correction

We offer Paint Correction for new and old vehicles in Calgary, which is an ideal option if your car has scratches, marring, or swirl marks. Our Complete Paint Correction Service is resulting in an incredible finish to the paintwork of your vehicle, and the paint colour will look substantially enhanced with added depth. Paint Correction will work miracles in protecting your vehicles!

Care for Your Car with Wax & Shine Service

Our Best Car Wax and Car Shine Services in Calgary protect your car paint and give it a deep, showroom shine. We apply quality wax properly and shine your automobile professionally, so your car’s paintwork gets treated to a brand new protective layer. Make your car shine on the outside and also get the interior cleaned spotless and smelling like a new vehicle.

Care for Your Car with Wax & Shine Service
Ultimate Ceramic or Film Paint Protection

Ultimate Ceramic or Film Paint Protection

Auto Detailing Calgary offers ultimate in Car Paint Protection service using top of the line ceramic nano-coating technology. Our bright, clear, and nano crystalline coating protects your vehicle against weather influences, chemicals, and UV rays while repelling water, dirt, and other contaminants allowing you to preserve the pristine paint conditions of your vehicle!

Quality Rock Chip & Windshield Repair Service

Our trained windshield repair experts at Auto Detailing Calgary service all types of vehicles. If you notice a small crack or rock chip, don’t wait, come and visit our windshield repair shop as soon as you discover them. When your vehicle’s windshield needs repair, contact our friendly windshield repair technicians, and we will quickly get you back on track.

Quality Rock Chip & Windshield Repair Service
Salt Stain Removal in Calgary

Salt Stain Removal in Calgary

Road salt can cause a lot of wear and tear on the exterior of the car, but salt can also get into the vehicle and cause dirt inside. At the end of the winter, salt spread on the road to prevent accidents created unpleasant dirt on the car mats.

Elements such as snow and ice are not the highest risk to the car, but salt and other harsh chemicals are, and it can impair the appearance of the vehicle. Due to the high salt used by local governments on local roads and local highway. As a result, your car takes a beating with ice and salt getting lodged into wheel wells, fenders, rocker panels, undercarriage and doors.

Furthermore, many de-icing chemicals used during the winter months are corrosive and can rust unprotected metal surfaces of your vehicle.

So removing salt, sand, and sludge from a car is essential for it to function correctly and look good.

Call us and remove salt from the vehicle today.

Calgary Headliner Cleaning

When was the last time you looked at the headliner in your car? You may have noticed its existence, but have never actually examined it. Some headliners go years before they are cleaned, or not at all, but then the damage is done. Cleaning your headliner should be part of your annual or semi-annual detailing of the car.

Contact us today for the best headliner cleaning in Calgary.

Calgary Headliner Cleaning
Car Ozone Oder Treatment & Odor Removal Service in Calgary

Car Ozone Oder Treatment & Odor Removal Service in Calgary

Ozone treatment is the use of gas ozone (O3) to remove odors, bacteria, and viruses. In the advanced settings, depending on the intensity of the smell, the ozone generator is placed in the vehicle for a specific time. When the gas permeates the car, the odor is neutralized and all bacteria and viruses are killed. Ozone treatments are the best way to remove stubborn odors. Like gas, it can reach upholstery, far below the seat, saturated upholstery fibers, and enter all corners and holes you cannot.

One of the biggest causes of vehicle odor that cannot be eliminated is cigarette smoke. Phenol, an invisible chemical in secondhand smoke, causes eye and respiratory tract irritation. Ozone treatment completely oxidizes the remaining phenol gas and effectively neutralizes odors. In this case, the molecules are destroyed instead of being masked or filtered, so the smell does not return.

Get our best Ozone treatment in Calgary and Call Today.

Best Headlight Restoration Service Calgary

Over time, and in less time than you think, the plastic headlight cover of your car can become cloudy, yellowing, or confusing with fog. The appearance of the headlights not only affects but, more importantly, the condition of the headlights affects visibility while driving at night. Dirty or damaged headlights reduce visibility. At the same time, these problem headlamps project high levels of light in the direction of oncoming vehicles, which can temporarily impair the functional vision of oncoming drivers.

So, fix your headlight today and call us.

Best Headlight Restoration Service Calgary
Interior Floor, Carpet And Mat Shampoo Service Calgary

Interior Floor, Carpet And Mat Shampoo Service Calgary

Cleaning the carpet of a car may seem less important than maintaining the car’s engine and other mechanical parts. But clean car interiors are definitely the difference between a bad looking car and a well maintained and loved the car. The reward for peace and cleanliness provided by a clean car interior is much higher than the short time required to complete this simple task.

Washing the interior of a car removes dirt and eliminates odors.

Leather Conditioning Service Calgary

Leather Conditioning Service Calgary

Leather seats give the car a sense of luxury. They are a bit expensive and require regular maintenance. Most of the wear and tear on leather seats gather dirt, grease, and even body sweat. The longer the sheet becomes dirty, the more likely it is that essential oils will be lost and cracked.

Like shampoos, leather cleaners help remove dirt, debris, and oils from the interior. Even if the interior looks clean, you will be surprised to find a good layer of soil and dust to be wiped off. Some hybrid products combine cleaners and conditioners into one solution for a much better one cleaning product application.

Leather conditioners nourish the leather and prevent it from hardening over time. Treat your car leather as like as your skin, and make sure it is not too wet or too dry. Regular use of the conditioner helps to maintain the luxurious quality that the leather is known for.

Buy the best Leather Conditioner from us.

Car Polishing Service Calgary

Car Polishing Service Calgary

Car polish is a product that eliminates scratches, swirls, oxidation, dirt, and other small defects. Car polish does this by removing particular delicate layers of paint. Therefore, the appearance of the scratch is minimized while the scratch fits in the coating.

The benefits of polishing are much more significant than waxing. While one works best with the other, polish removes old paint, restoring depth and luster, and reducing or eliminating the appearance of surface defects such as surface scratches and scary curls. It also creates an ideal surface for the wax layer.

Enjoy the best Car Polishing Service in Calgary.

Customer Reviews
For Car Detailing Services

“Auto Detailing Calgary has a Little bit of everything! Automated Wash, Wand Wash, and Car Detailing. Detailing staff very professional and seem to pride themselves in a job well done. Did far more than expected and got stuff out I didn't think would be possible. Different packages so you can customize everything to the way you want it done.”
Casey Plettell, Calgary, AB
“I'm thoroughly impressed! I booked an express detailing for my filthy car, and honestly didn't have super high hopes even though the reviews are great. It was one of the most reasonably priced details I've had at $100 and there was nothing basic about it. Every speck of mud on the floor mats and cargo liner was gone, and the whole interior looked shiny and new.”
Judy S, Calgary, AB
“This is the best and good service place for detailing. We went there for detailing my Jetta. Our car turn out to be like a brand-new car inside and out. You have to book for appointment It's far and easy. They keep our stuff inside the car in the bag and they it in the trunk. Yes we will recommend our friends to go there if they need cleaning service.”
Teayzss AbstractGirl, Calgary, AB

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