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Best Paint Protection Film in Calgary

Excellent & Most Up-to-date Ceramic Coating in Calgary with Superior Nano-Technology

What’s the ultimate paint protection for your car in Calgary?

Auto Detailing Calgary recommends using Jade Quartz Ceramic Coating or Reliable Xpel Satin Finish Paint Protection Film due to its longevity. It keeps your vehicle looking like it does the day you buy it. In this way, your vehicle will continue to look like new, just how it was the day you purchased it.

Chemical Bath and Ceramic Reboot Maintenance $99.95

Paint Protection Service Testimonial

“What a great place! A bit more expensive and way worth it. Great pressure, they don't cheap out on the soap, lots of wand-wash bays, has a touch-less bay, and a detailing bay. Perfectly located by the airport - washed up my wife’s car while I was waiting for her flight to land!”
Knox Davidson

OPTION 1 - Jade Quartz - Ultra-Premium Ceramic Coating

Enjoy Ultimate in Paint Protection Using Nano-coating Technology

Jade Quartz Ceramic Coating is a transparent and nano crystalline coating that protects your vehicle against climatic influences, chemicals, and UV rays while repelling water, dirt, and other contaminants. Jade Quartz applies an ultra-hard (9H) and durable coating that is 2-3 microns thick and provides an in-depth and reflective shine.

Jade Quartz Ceramic Coating

Why use Jade Quartz for the paint protection of your vehicle?

Jade Quartz is a super premium surface coating that offers excellent gloss, paint protection, and durability for up to 2 years.

Jade Quartz is the ultimate in nano-coating!

When valued on the market, Jade Quartz consistently outperforms other products, with higher gloss, hardness, and water hydrophobicity.

Surfaces covered with Jade Quartz became “self-cleaning; therefore, dirt and water slide off.

Choose Jade Quartz for ultimate surface protection.

Jade Quartz Paint Protection Guarantee

Jade quartz protects surfaces from elements for many years. It means to increase the gloss of the car, a high degree of protection against scratches and oxidation, and a water repellency comparable to traditional waxes and sealants. All paint on vehicles (cars, vans, trucks, SUVs) by Jade Quartz comes with a 4-year limited product warranty.

Jade Ceramic Paint Protection

9H Jade Nano Ceramic Protection (Includes Clay bar & Single Stage Polish) $999.95

OPTION 2 - XPEL Stealth - Satin Finish Paint Protection Film

Better Than 3M Film Paint Protection

XPEL STEALTH can turn glossy paint into a smooth satin finish for thousands less than custom paint stores would charge for a high-quality matte finish.

Drop your vehicle off at Auto Detailing Calgary and come up with something that looks like a completely different car in a few hours.

Auto Detailing Calgary paint protection film on the hood extends 24″ so that all edges are wrapped for additional vehicle protection.

XPEL Stealth

Protection of Paint with XPEL:

Auto Detailing Calgary is committed to protecting your car. We carefully study the highest quality paint protection, and XPEL is one of the most famous names in the automotive protection industry.

Experience the difference of Xpel!

Xpel is the ultimate in car paint protection lines and is backed by extensive warranty using exclusive elastomeric polymer technology that repairs scratches and swirl marks within minutes.

The XPEL Promise

Each of our products is committed to protecting your investment with best-in-class durability, performance, appearance, and overall quality.

With the same elite self-healing and protective properties as XPEL ULTIMATE film, XPEL STEALTH has a satin finish that retains matte paint in showroom conditions. Matte finishes are notoriously difficult to maintain and even more challenging to repair, even for simple things like touching up a rock chip.

XPEL STEALTH not only prevents road waste and bug acids but also makes it easy to wash and dry cars without fear of altering the finish gloss. XPEL STEALTH-Paint protection explicitly designed for the task, eye-catching for the right reasons.

Matching the sheen of most factory matte paints, XPEL STEALTH disappears once applied, making it a perfect choice for transitioning between vulnerable areas on the front of the car to unprotected top surfaces. And just like XPEL ULTIMATE, swirl marks and light scratches disappear in a matter of minutes in the sun or the warmth of your garage.

To match the finish of most factory matte paints, XPEL STEALTH disappears once applied, making it ideal for transitioning from sensitive areas on the front of the car to unprotected tops. Like XPEL ULTIMATE, swirling spots and light scratches disappear in minutes in the sun or the warmth of your garage.

Film Protection Bronze Package (Xpel) 24” of Hood, Half Fender and Back of Mirrors $349.95

 (Includes Clay Bar of Protected Area)

Film Protection Silver Package (Xpel) 24” of Hood, Half Fender, Back of Mirrors and front bumper $599.95

(Includes Clay Bar of Protected Area)

Film Protection Gold Package (Xpel) 24” of Hood, Half Fender, Back of Mirrors, Front Bumper, Grille, A-Pillars, Rocker Panels, and Roofline $999.95
(Includes Clay Bar of Protected Area)

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection films (3M, Xpel, etc.) are transparent or colored polyurethane films that protect vehicles from scratches, dents, and swirls caused by road waste, rocks, insect droppings, and other environmental elements.

Paint protective films have a variety of names, including clear bras, clear masks, invisible shields, clear wrap, protection against lock chips, and paint protection films. The most common terms for automotive protective films are simple to paint protective films.

Paint protective film will keep the car looking better for longer. The paint protection film is the most comprehensive form of protection that can be established between a vehicle and anything that can affect the appearance of the car. Due to the high impact resistance of the paint protection film, the application protects the paint from flakes and scratches from stone and road waste.

How Paint Protection Film Works?

Urethane films are resistant to corrosion and acidic contaminants. That is, they form a line of defense against bird droppings, flying insects, mineral deposits, chemical fouling, and acid rain etching. It does not oxidize when exposed to sunlight and protects paints from fading due to UV radiation. The top layer of a high-quality film is composed of an elastomeric polymer that returns to its natural shape after stretching or deforming, giving the film “self-healing” properties. If a slight scratch is applied to the film, it will absorb the damage and return to its pre-incident texture and properties.

Needless to say, applying quality Paint protective film is what you can do today to maintain the look and quality of car paints in the coming years.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

Paint protection films are powerful, robust, and have many benefits, but keep in mind that keeping your car shiny is not a cure. Some rocks can puncture the Paint Protection Film. If bird droppings or bug splatter are allowed to stay on the film for extended periods, it can damage the film. You need to wash your car, even after applying paint protection film. There is no one-stop-shop solution for perfect and endless gloss. That is not what paint protection films promise.

On the contrary, paint protection films promise that the paint will fight back after application when the forces of nature fight against the depth and clarity of the car’s paint. It adds value to your vehicle by protecting it from damage otherwise unavoidable. As used before, the paint protection film ensures that the car looks better.