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Best Vehicle Paint Correction in Calgary

We take great care and attention to Paint Correction for your car.
Restore and preserve the exterior of your vehicle to “like new” state through the paint correction services by Auto Detailing Calgary in Calgary.

Have you noticed that your vehicle has scratches in the paint?

What you need now is a Calgary Paint Correction Specialist working on getting your vehicle paint corrected.

The term “paint correction” is generally used by both professionals and car enthusiasts. It is the process of restoring or rejuvenating a vehicle’s paint by eliminating surface defects and returning it to or above factory conditions.

The paint correction process is not an easy task. Eliminating clear coat paint swirl spots requires time, patience, special paint correction compound polish, and detail preparation processes comparable to specialized custom paint jobs.

Make Your Car Like New with Paint Correction

Our professional paint protection team will invest the time, material and equipment required in all completing all the paint correction steps to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Paint Correction Service Testimonial

“Little bit of everything! Paint Correction, Automated Wash, Wand Wash, and Car Detailing. Detailing staff very professional and seem to pride themselves in a job well done. Did far more than expected and got stuff out I didn't think would be possible. Different packages so you can customize everything to the way you want it done.”
Casey Plettell

Paint Correction Prices

  • Scratch Removal Starting at - $59.95/Panel
  • Single Stage Polish (Removes minor imperfections, oxidation & marring) $399.95
  • Two Stage Polish (Removes light to medium defects & swirls while providing a high level gloss and clarity) $499.95
  • Three stage Polishing (Scratch & Heavy Swirl Removal with maximum level of finish) Starting at $599.95

How do you know if you need paint correction applied to your car?

If your vehicle has one of the following, you should consider paint correction.

What is paint correction or paint compensation?

Paint correction is the process of removing swirl marks, scratches, surface defects, and water etching, also known as “polishing.” Removing damaged paint material reveals a polished surface that offers the best potential for paint. The result depends on the original condition of the paint and the number of correction “steps” that the paint undergoes.

Paint compensation or correction is processed in multiple stages, resulting in a virtually defect-free finish. As a result, a perfect finish is often better than a new one. Whether you delete one single scratch or work on multiple spots and take the whole vehicle to the next level, you’ll be happy with the results.

Paint correction is central to what we do here at Auto Detailing Calgary. Our highly trained and certified detailers guarantee 100% satisfaction with our paint correction polish.

Our Paint Correction Process

All paint corrections go through a thorough “test section” procedure and utilizing multiple polishes, pads, machines, and techniques to ensure optimal results for the entire car paint.

We offer a variety of service levels, from a single phase to a complete fix. All paint correction services include exhaustive protective exterior details to provide a clean and sanitized surface before correction.

If specified, each correction service can use a finishing polish using a unique mixture of Superior Nano-Technology and, along with high-gloss durable resins, which creates a base layer that protects a sophisticated finish. It also offers additional manually selected world-class paint coating options (Jade Quartz Ceramic Coating or Reliable Xpel Satin Finish) to add long-term enhanced protection to newly completed paints.

Paint correction not only provides resistance but also makes maintenance of newly refurbished vehicles very easy.

Why Choose Auto Detailing Calgary for Paint Correction?

Genuine proper paint correction is a labor-intensive process aimed at reducing and eliminating car paint defects such as curls, wear, scratches and holograms.

Auto Detailing Calgary expert paint correction results in glass-like smoothness and dramatically increased gloss depth.

Our paint correction team has experienced people who have been auto detailing for most of their lives. They have worked on a variety of vehicles from the most exotic cars in the world to your regular Cars, SUVs and Trucks.

Auto Detailing Calgary offers paint corrections to make your valuable property look like it’s leaving the dealer’s premises. We know very well how elements can damage vehicles during the extreme weather that occurs in summer and winter in Calgary. The trained experts at Auto Detailing Calgary is there to help you every step of the way.

Correction of exterior paint is an integral part of the high-quality detailing and restorative aspects needed to complete the process. The details of the correction of the exterior paint include removing the scratches and restoring the paint to its original state.

Well-trained technicians will work to remove 100% of the defects from the paint, such as visible scratches, imperfections, swirls, etc., and repair them so that it’s put back to its original condition.

Paint Correction Application

Paint correction application and polishing consist of several steps, such as removing swirls, cleaning lines, and scratches using a series of connections and polishing pads.

Based on the individual characteristics of the paint, one or more paint corrections may be required to correct and remove defects correctly.

Why is paint correction essential?

Most people assume that paint correction merely is visual improvements and compare them to breast augmentation, but it is not entirely accurate. Damage to the paint’s protective layer (also known as the clear coat) eventually causes dirt and debris to penetrate the surface, which leads to flaking, sun damage and premature fading.

To make the paint clean, fresh, and shiny again, many car owners visit detailing or bodywork facilities for complete paint correction. We help you correct your paint.

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