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Best Wax & Shine Services in Calgary

Auto Detailing Calgary Wax & Shine Service Gives Your Car An Extra Shine Like Showroom Quality

Auto Detailing Calgary offers outstanding vehicle wax and shine services in Calgary. We will provide you with high quality shining finishes from well-trained, friendly and polite professional car shiners. We provide waxing and shining services specifically for all types of vehicles, from luxury cars, high-performance cars, vans to elite cars, and special vehicles.

Auto Detailing Calgary Wax & Shine Service

Wax & Shine Service Testimonial

“Absolutely the best car wash in Calgary. I went on a day when it was -30 outside and quite literally washed my car and waxed in a t shirt. Its heated and best of all its very convenient and affordable.”
Shoaib Ali

Why Should You Use Wax & Shine Car Cleaning Services of Auto Detailing Calgary?

After car detailing, our shining of auto body services is the most sought after service by many customers, small businesses and individuals in Calgary. We use modern equipment and products to get the best shine from your car. Our team uses only top of the line, contemporary and professional wax and shine product to get the best from your vehicle.

We treat your car like our car and pay close attention to the wax and shine services. We work with a variety of vehicles daily and wax and shine all cars, regardless of size, value, or age. Many loyal customers of Calgary trust us to provide the best car cleaning, wax and shine on their classic cars and more expensive cars.

We offer professional vehicle cleaning service by using the best car wash soap and professional detailing products to provide the best wax and shine in Calgary for the highest customer satisfaction. Our waxing and shining services are fast, efficient, and affordable.

Our auto body waxing and shining services in Calgary are professional and most affordable. Our experience, reputation, and knowledge of waxing and shining give us an advantage over other companies in the same industry in Calgary.

We know what works best for cleaning and shining your vehicle.

Wax and Shine Exterior

  • Express Polish (Automated Machine Polish) $29.95
  • Hand wash exterior & dry, Door frames wipe down, Deep Wheel Clean plus tire shine, Exterior spray wax $49.95
  • Clay Bar (Removes fallout, long term road film & rusting brake dust) $99.95
  • Shine and Protect (Protects against road contamination & provides brilliant shine) $99.95
  • Ceramic Reboot Maintenance $99.95

Why Is Wax and Shining Ideal for Cleaning Your Vehicle?

Wax and shine are ideal for giving your car extra shine and extra protection. After cleaning the vehicle, we will apply wax in small circular motions over the entire vehicle and carefully avoids panel connections, rubber, and plastic edges. After the wax has dried, it is shined with a microfiber cloth to a high gloss finish. The result is a shine to the paint and protection against the elements you love. You will notice that the water can easily bead and keep the car cleaner longer.

Why Is Wax and Shining Ideal for Cleaning Your Vehicle?

When Should You Use Wax and Shining?

You should use car shine to remove defects and create a smooth, flat surface (create a showroom shine).

Next, you should use car wax to fill in and give a protective layer. If you are wondering how often you should wax your car, then the answer is that you should do waxing about four times a year. These detailing techniques ensure that your vehicle stays in its best shape for longer than a simple car wash, but it is still an essential first step before shining and waxing.

Auto Detailing Calgary offers detailing services such as paint corrections, Wax & Shine, Paint Protection, and Windshield Repair. You can wash, wax, and shine your car in a convenient place and price!

Auto Detailing Calgary is strategically located to serve the NE & NW neighborhoods of Calgary. We are only 9 minutes from Calgary International Airport and Cross Iron Mills Mall and only 15 minutes from downtown Calgary.

Our car wash and detailing patrons consider us as one of the best, most complete, and nearest Car Detailing Shop for the North and South Calgary communities such as Sage Hill, Evanston, Simons Valley, Country Hills, Panorama Hills, Harvest Hills, Country Hills, Coventry Hills, Hamptons, Edgemont, Arbour Lake, Rocky Ridge, Tuscany, Bearspa, Scenic Acres, Ranchlands, Silver Springs, Varsity, Brentwood, Dalhousie, Huntington Hills, West Springs, Aspen Woods, Springbank Hill, Signal Hill, and even Airdrie.